La notte dei ricercatori e delle ricercatrici 2023
29 Settembre


Giochiamo con la Linguistica Computazionale

Let's play with Computational Linguistics

La linguistica computazionale è la scienza che si occupa dell’analisi automatica delle lingue. Il nostro laboratorio si propone di fornire esempi concreti della metodologia seguita per la modellazione computazionale del linguaggio naturale, mettendo in luce le principali sfide che lo studio del linguaggio pone, in quanto oggetto di ricerca

Computational linguistics is the science that deals with the automatic analysis of languages.
Our laboratory aims to provide real examples of the methodology followed for the computational modeling of natural language, highlighting the main challenges that language study poses. Computational linguistics is multidisciplinary, covering human and social sciences, and artificial intelligence. Through games, some of the classical algorithms based on statistical modeling will be presented. Although they represent a very simplified version of the currently used approaches, they also embody the various aspects and conceptual levels involved in the study and modeling of language. In particular, the laboratory will provide: – a brief overview of computational linguistics through interactive quizzes – an introduction about the concept of probability of a linguistic event in computational resources (corpus and annotation levels) – the formalization of a stochastic algorithm for the generation of sentences – an introduction about the concept of formal grammar and a rule-based text generation algorithm. The final goal is to show how a machine “understand” or “process” the natural language and how this is different or similar to the human approach.